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Painting a miniature world

I will keep this post short, with a few images of the last few creatures that needed painting.

After I had finished monoprinting, I had to return to a few etchings that were printed on Gampi to paint. If you want to read more on this process, you can check out a previous post called A series of experiments and you can view the plate process on More creatures. I essentially use exactly the same process of mounting the Gampi paper to a board and letting it dry before painting it with Gouache.

Here are a few process photos of painting and layering with gouache. I really loved painting these little creatures, and I absolutely want to do more of this on Gampi paper!

I always keep plastic lids from food containers - I have stacks of them! They make the best little paint palettes, and I almost always reuse the paint that has been left to dry on them. A little goes a long way!

I thought I took more process photos of this little one, but I'm afraid I may have forgotten. It's only black on this side and completely different colours on the reverse. You'll have to check out the next post to see more photos of this one. And I realise it's hard to tell, but a couple of these creatures are a little more glittery than they appear in the images.

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