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First Print with Stencils

I did one run of four prints in the beginning. Four is, perhaps, not very many, but the paper I used was rather large! I really loved this process - I felt so free to 'play' with these little cut-out dolls and swing him, hang him or simply drop him wherever I thought he 'fit'. While doing this, I was reminded of Peter Pan and the 'lost boys' and the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' series of novels I used to read as a kid.

I decided to go with darker colours for the first layer so I could unify the image - pulling the white space into the dark-lined space.

This was met with some surprise and realisation that one layer may not be enough (although I was happy with how it was all beginning). While I would have been content to leave some pieces as they were, I thought I'd take a chance on second and third layers for all four prints.

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