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Second Print with Stencils

I felt like I was taking a big risk with the second layer (third for some as I was working over pre-existing linocut prints). I kept thinking 'what if I ruin this!?' and remembered having a few extra prints would be handy in case this did happen (which, it did). I added three more prints to the mix, for a total of seven (plus one casualty which left me with six 'resolved' prints).

I decided to 'go wild' as I thought it fit the theme of adventure really well.

I almost prefer the colour contrast of the brighter, more opaque stencils than the transparent print.

I had originally intended for softer colours - especially with orange. I found both the orange and green turned out a bit too bright (I was aiming for an earthy rust-coloured orange and ocean-turquoise.

In retrospect, I should have added more white and a touch of black to soften some of these vibrant colours. After doing a few ghost prints, I realised that some of the underlying colours did add a soft, transparent effect to the third layer.

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